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On Board with Green

Sunrise has spent 30 years
teaching the property management
industry how to do most
good for the most people.

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Living

At Sunrise Management, we realize that green building and green property operations – including the conservation of energy, water and other natural resources is key to enhancing the quality of life of the residents we serve, maximizing the value of the real estate we manage and best serving the communities in which we live and work.

With this in mind, Sunrise Management is committed to the efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible management of real estate assets. We are focused on maintaining, promoting, and enhancing cotemporary best practices through an effective green initiative program.

Our Sustainable Living program streamlines operations and boosts resident and client satisfaction -- while adding inherent investment value to the real estate assets we manage.

Specifically, through our Sustainable Living program we will strive to:
Work internally and with our properties to recycle as well as conserve
  energy, water and other natural resources.
Adhere to applicable environmental laws and regulations.
Promote and implement appropriate Green Initiatives and polices.
Educate all on and offsite employees on our policies, instilling
  environmental responsibility as a corporate value.
Work to use environmentally friendly products and materials
  whenever possible.
Measure and verify all benefits and savings.
Stay in touch with contemporary best practices in green building

After 30 years as the industry’s progressive action leader, Sunrise continues showing the property management industry how to do the most good for the most people.

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